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Blue Stripe Fangblenny(Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos)
Blue Stripe Fangblenny

The Blue Stripe Fangblenny (Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos) is a tropical fish species that belongs to the ‘Combtooth Blennies” group and is a member of the Blenniidae family.

Distribution: Indo-Pacific region.

Features: This species can vary in colour with adults ranging from black to yellow. The most obvious identifying feature for this species is the two blue stripes that run along the body. Habitat: This species can be found occurring in coral reef areas and in coastal lagoons and estuaries. It lives in deserted worm tunes or small holes and is known to feed on the skin, mucus and scales of other fishes by quick attacks. Juveniles are known to mimic the Cleaner Wrasse Labroides dimidiatus and bite unsuspecting prey that thought they were to be cleaned.

Depth range: 1-40m

Maximum Length: 12cm

Photo Taken At : Motupore Island – Papua New Guinea
Category : Bony Fishes
Family : Blenniidae

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