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Turban Shell(Turbo torquata)
Turban Shell

The Turban Shell (Turbo torquata) is a common intertidal species that belongs to the turban shells family (Turbinidae). It is known to occur around the southern coast of Australia and its range is from the waters of northern NSW around the southern coast to Geraldton in Western Australia. It is not commonly found in Tasmania or Victoria. The exterior shell is generally grey or green in colour however they are occasionally found with dusky-sandy colouration. The inside of the shell is a shiny white. It can be found on rocky coastlines down to depths of 20 metres and it is known to feed on algae. The Turban Shell (Turbo torquata) grows to a maximum width of approximately 11cm.

Photo Taken At : Fishermans Bay – Port Stephens – New South Wales - Australia
Category : Cowries & Shells
Family : Turbinidae

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