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Gunnamatta Dendrodoris(Dendrodoris gunnamatta)
Gunnamatta Dendrodoris

The Gunnamatta Dendrodoris (Dendrodoris gunnamatta) is a large nudibranch species that belongs to the family Dendrodorididae. It is only known from the waters of southern New South Wales in Australia and is known to occur in silty habitats of sheltered estuaries and embayments. This species looks very similar to Dendrodoris denisoni however it lacks the iridescent blue spots of D. denisoni; this is the most obvious difference between the two species. This species is known to remain hidden during the day and becomes more active at night when it can be spotted by divers. The Gunnamatta Dendrodoris (Dendrodoris gunnamatta) grows to a maximum length of approximately 8cm.

Photo Taken At : Clifton Gardens – Sydney – New South Wales – Australia – Depth 4 metres
Category : Nudibranchs
Family : Dendrodorididae

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