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Old Wife(Enoplosus armatus)
Old Wife

Old Wives (Enoplosus armatus) belong to the Enoplosidae family and are the single species in this family. The Old Wife is endemic to Australian waters. They are common in Australian southern waters and can be found in small to large schools on coastal reefs. Large solitary individuals can often be sighted but it is generally considered to be a schooling fish. Juveniles generally inhabitat the shallow waters of estuaries whilst the adults can be found in estuaries and on the coastal reefs to depths of 90 metres.

Old Wives attain a maximum size of 25cm. The Old Wife got its name from fishers as when its caught it has the habit of grinding its teeth which resembles the grumblings of an old wife. This species should be handled with care as the dorsal spines are venomous and are capable of inflicting a painful wound.

Photo Taken At : Fly Point - Nelson Bay - NSW - Australia
Category : Bony Fishes
Family : Enoplosidae

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