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Spotted Grubfish(Parapercis millepunctata)
Spotted Grubfish

The Spotted Grubfish (Parapercis millepunctata) is a tropical fish species that belongs to the ‘Grubfishes’ family Pinguipedidae. It can be found occurring in the Indo-Pacific region and can be found from Mauritius and the Maldives across to French Polynesia, north to Southwest Japan and south to Northern Australia. The upper body is generally dark in colour whilst the under body is pale. There are dark and light blotches on its back and there is a double row of large brown to blackish spots on its mid-side and lower side and there is generally a white streak on the tail. This species can either be found in small groups or solitary and it’s found around the rubble bottoms of coral reefs from depths of 40 to 30 metres. The Spotted Grubfish (Parapercis millepunctata) grows to a maximum length of approximately 18cm.

Dr Jeff Johnson from the Queensland Museum, who is an expert on ‘Grubfishes’, confirmed the identification of this species.

Photo Taken At : Waynes World – Dili – East Timor
Category : Bony Fishes
Family : Pinguipedidae

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