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Passion Flower Crinoid(Ptilometra australis)
Passion Flower Crinoid

The Passion Flower Crinoid (Ptilometra australis) is a small crinoid species that belongs to the family Ptilometridae. There are only two species within this genus and both of these species are found in the temperate waters of Australia. Species in the Ptilometridae family can be recognised by their extremely long cirri and their deleicate brittle arms that have stiff spike like pinnules.

This species occurs along the east coast of Australia and has been recorded from the Capricorn Bunker Group in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland down to Eden in New South Wales. This species is generally a burgundy – purple colour and has 18 – 23 arms. Ptilometra australis can be found in coastal estuaries that have strong currents. It is often attached to sponges and is generally more active at night. It is also found in deep water on rocky reefs down to depths of at least 60 metres. The Passion Flower Crinoid (Ptilometra australis) has a maximum arm length of approximately 8cm.

Photo Taken At : Pipeline – Port Stephens – New South Wales – Australia
Category : Echinoderms
Family : Ptilometridae

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