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Textile Cone Shell(Conus textile)
Textile Cone Shell

The Textile Cone (Conus textile) is a tropical gastropod species that is found in the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific region. It has short spire which has either straight or gently concave sides. The body whorl has gently or strongly convex sides with a rounded or slightly angulated shoulder. This species is quite common on coral reefs and can be found from the intertidal zone down to depths of 50 metres. It can be founbd on coral reefs, in lagoons and on sandy bottoms. It hides under rocks and coral and it is known to feed on other gastropods including its own relatives such as the Striate Cone Shell (Conus striatus and it feeds on species in the families Terebridae, Mitridae, Muricidae and Vermetidae. This species is one of the most venomous of the cone shells species and the sting is extremely painful and can be fatal; the sting has caused several human deaths.

Photo Taken At : Lady Reef – South West Rocks – New South Wales - Australia
Category : Cowries & Shells
Family : Conidae

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