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Turretfish(Tetrosomus concatenatus)

The Turretfish (Tetrosomus concatenates) is a tropical species that belongs to the tropical boxfishes family Ostraciidae. This species has a widespread distribution throughout the waters of the Indo-Pacific region and is found in the waters of northern Australia. In Australia it can be found from Albany off Western Australia around the northern part of the Australia to Sydney in New South Wales. Juveniles of this species look very similar in appearance to the Longhorn Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) and the Thorny-back Cowfish (Lactoria fornasini). The Turretfish is best recognised by it’s hexagonal plate pattern which generally have small bright blue fluroscent spots in the middle of each plate.

The Turretfish can be found on inshore coastal reefs and estuaries as well as deep rocky and coral reefs. The Turretfish (Tetrosomus concatenates) grows to a maximum length of approximately 30cm.

Photo Taken At : Lady Reef – South West Rocks – New South Wales - Australia
Category : Bony Fishes
Family : Ostraciidae

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