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Slipper Lobster(Scllarides squammosus)
Slipper Lobster

The Slipper Lobster (Scllarides squammosus ) belongs to the crustacean family Scyllaridae. Slipper lobsters are closely related to rock lobsters but have a flattened body and short, wide antennae. There are two main species of slipper lobster found in Australian waters; they are the Aesop Slipper Lobster (Scllarides haanii) and the blunt slipper lobster (Scllarides squammosus). Both species are easily distinguishable. The common slipper lobster has much less obvious bumps along its absomen when compared to the Aesop Slipper Lobster. Both are also commonly known as flat lobsters or slipper bugs. Slipper lobsters are found on Australia’s east and west coasts. The slipper lobsters are often confused with Balmain Bugs (Ibacus species) and Moreton Bay Bugs (Thenus species). The slipper lobsters are distinguished by having a considerably more robust first pair of legs.

They have been found in depths of up to 135 metres but are more commonly found in shallower waters (less than 25 metres) into waters as shallow as 3 metres. They can be found by divers clinging to the roof of rocky caves or on the underside of large plate corals. They are more active at night and can be found searching the reef for food. They can grow to a total length of 50 cm.

Photo Taken At : Flinders Reef – Moreton Bay – QLD - Australia
Category : Crustaceans
Family : Scyllaridae

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