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Ornate Rock Lobster(Panulirus ornatus)
Ornate Rock Lobster

The Ornate Rock Lobster (Panulirus ornatus) belongs to the crustacean family Palinuridae. The Ornate Rock Lobster is also known as the painted lobster or coral crayfish. The Ornate Rock Lobster can be found from north-western Australia (Ningaloo region), across northern Australia, down the east coast as far south as Sydney (it has been recorded as far south as Albany on the west coast). The Ornate Rock Lobster varies in colour from a greenish blue to reddish brown and they have extremely long and flexible antennae. Each of the abdominal segments are smooth and have large pale spots on either side and their eyes are surrounded by blue and pink rings.

The Ornate Rock Lobster lives in depths of 1 to 200 metres (most common in depths of 20 metres), inhabiting a range of reef habitats along the continental shelf, often in caves, holes and crevices. Adults can grow to a maximum total length of 50cm.

Photo Taken At : Halifax Park – Port Stephens – NSW - Australia
Category : Crustaceans
Family : Palinuridae

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