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Hairy Stone Crab(Lomis hirta)
Hairy Stone Crab

The Hairy Stone Crab (Lomis hirta) is endemic to the waters of southern Australia. It can be found from Bunbury in Western Australia around the south to the waters of eastern Victoria and is also found around the coast of Victoria. This species can be found on rocky shores in the low tide zone and hides under rocks. This crab is a master of camouflage as its brown colouration helps it blend in with its rocky surrounds. The two antennae are coloured blue and are probably used by the crab to filter fine food particles from the water. The Hairy Stone Crab (Lomis hirta) has a maximum carapace length of approximately 3 cm.

Photo Taken At : Memory Bay – Port Lincoln - South Australia
Category : Crustaceans
Family : Lomisidae

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