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Southern Dumpling Squid(Euprymna tasmanica)
Southern Dumpling Squid

The Southern Dumpling Squid (Euprymna tasmanica) is a small squid species that belongs to the Bobtail squid family Sepiolidae. It is distributed around the waters of Southern Australia. It can be found from southern Queensland on the east coast around the south of Australia, including Tasmania, to Shark bay in Western Australia. They are generally found in areas that have soft silty or muddy bottoms or in amongst seagrass beds. During the day they will bury themselves in the sand where they hide from any potential predators. They are more commonly seen at night when they emerge from the sand and often will have a coat of glued sand grains on the body. The Southern Dumpling grows to a maximum size of approximately 7 cm.

Photo Taken At : Lonsdale Wharf – Geelong – VIC - Australia
Category : Cephalopods
Family : Sepiolidae

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