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Southern Pagurid Hermit Crab(Pagurus sinuatus)
Southern Pagurid Hermit Crab

The Southern Hermit Pagurid Crab (Pagurus sinuatus) belongs to the Pagurid Hermit Crab family Paguridae. Pagurid hermit crabs are easily recognised by their large right claw. Most pagurid species are small and inconspicuous and identification of these species can be very difficult. The Australian fauna is not well documented and there are a number of species in Australian waters that remain to be scientifically named.

Pagurus sinuatus can be identified by its large right claw that is much larger than the left and is also some what flattened. The legs of Pagurus sinuatus are covered in fine dense hairs and its body is generally cream, brown or orange in colour. The eyestalks have a bright orange band about midway down the stalk. This species is quite common in the shallow waters of New South Wales and Western Australia however there are no confirmed reports from South Australia, Victoria or Tasmania. . Like most hermit crabs, Pagurus sinuatus is a scavenger but may also feed on crabs and other live prey. The Southern Hermit Pagurid Crab (Pagurus sinuatus) has a maximum carapace length of approximately 2 cm.

Photo Taken At : Edithburgh Jetty – South Australia
Category : Crustaceans
Family : Paguridae

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