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Blue Morwong(Nemadactylus douglasi)
Blue Morwong

The Blue Morwong (Nemadactylus douglasi) belongs to the Morwong family Cheilodactylidae. Morwongs are a cool water species found in temperate waters and there are 4 genera and about 20 species worldwide. Of this family there are 3 genera and 14 species recorded from Australian waters. The Blue Morwong has also been commonly referred to as a Grey Morwong and Rubberlip Perch. The Blue Morwong is known to occur along the east coast of Australia from northern New South Wales to Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria. It has also found in the waters of Tasmania and New Zealand.

This species is easily recognised by its bright blue fins and silvery blue body. The juveniles of this species can often be found with a black blotch on its side which disappears as they grow older. This species can be found inhabiting clear coastal bays such as Jervis Bay and can be found on the deeper reefs offshore. It is known to occur down to depths of at least 100 metres.

The Blue Morwong is a popular target of spearfishers and is regularly targeted along the New South Wales coast. The Blue Morwong (Nemadactylus douglasi) grows to a maximum length of approximately 70 cm.

Photo Taken At : Bowen Island – Jervis Bay – New South Wales - Australia
Category : Bony Fishes
Family : Cheilodactylidae

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Image taken at Jervis Bay - New South Wales - Australia

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